A Year and a Half and the Sex Becomes Routine

A Year and a Half and the Sex Becomes Routine


But not in my mind

by Christine Stevens


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March 12. I imagined that J was a stranger who picked me up hitch hiking and invited me back to his cabin. I imagined he had a beard and lived in the mountains year round. He hunted for his own food. And fished. I imagined his penis was ten inches long as J made love to me. Awesome.

March 22. J is a woman again. Damn. I don’t know why I keep going there. He’s a woman I met at a conference. We went and got drunk. And about halfway through getting drunk I put my hand on hers and said, “I find you very attractive.” Next thing I know, I’m taking off her clothes and kissing her breasts. J’s are very flat. Hers aren’t flat at all.

April 3. J is my Dad. Oh God. I am the weirdest woman who ever lived. I don’t want to talk about it. (It was good though).

April 19. J is J and his friend. We’re having a three-way. J goes first. Pretty good. Then his friend. Better! Sorry J.

May 21. J is another race. I’m not going to say which one. It’s my first time with a person of this race. It won’t be my last. Da-amn!

May 28. J is that bearded hunter again. Shoot. I’m starting to develop feelings for this guy. Should I tell J? No!

June 1. J is J. But I’m not me. I’m J’s assistant Shelly. At the office party I flirted with him. I invited him back to my place. It’s awesome. I hope J’s girlfriend doesn’t find out. She’ll be pissed! She doesn’t appreciate him like I do, though. J is so sweet and gentle and kind and good and…Oh! I think J’s girlfriend is texting him wondering where the hell he is. I hope J doesn’t get in trouble. I hate that bitch Christine. She’s a bitch.

June 23. J is a demon. This is freaky. But I like it. I think we’re in hell. I’m not sure if it’s a punishment. It doesn’t feel like one. It feels crazy and good. J has scales. And a tail. Help! Too much…

June 25. Today. Me: What do you think of when we have sex? J: I think about you, of course. What do you think about? Me: Same.

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