My Dog Watches Me Masturbate

My Dog Watches Me Masturbate

Is that bestiality?


by Christine Stevens


My Photo by Bruce Williamson on Unsplash

I don’t know what he’s thinking. He knows the drill, though, that’s for sure. If ever I find myself at home alone in the afternoon, up the stairs I march, into the secret dresser drawer I go, and out I pull my Satisfier vibrator.

Then I take off all my clothes and I lie on the bed and I begin satisfying myself.

My pointer, Arnie, is a smart boy. He knows it’s not the right time to hop up onto the bed for a cuddle. This is me time. Arnie sits on the floor directly next to the bed and he stares at me.

It was unnerving at first. I tried putting him out of the room to satisfy myself, but then he started scratching on the door. So I let him back in. I know, I’m a weak pet owner. The dog whisperer would yell at me. Arnie doesn’t know that I’m the alpha. Arnie thinks he’s the alpha.

And he is very curious about this vibrating machine that I put between my legs, which after about three minutes makes me moan and cry out like I’m in some kind of pain. Sometimes Arnie whines during that, and I have to say to him, after the first orgasm subsides, “Don’t worry boy, I’m OK.”

He stops whining, and I proceed. In about a minute now, the satisfier will lead to the second orgasm which is always more intense.


I scream, and Arnie jumps. He paces back and forth and then he calms down again, because I reassure him.

“Mama’s fine, Arnie, nothing to worry about.”

He sits down. And I go for the big three. If I make it, this will be big. Like the grand finale of a fireworks show.

And when these fireworks go off, Arnie will display his breed’s eponymous behavior. That is, he will point.

At me.

That’s what’s weird. I never trained him to point, but he is a rescue so it’s possible his first owner did.

At the third orgasm, I’ve determined that I emit some kind of scent from my vagina that he associates with prey.

Arnie will stand up, race around for a second, and then freeze in place, with one leg held up and his tail pointing straight up. And his snout pointing directly toward my pussy. I’ve tried changing my position. Arnie always reorients himself so his snout points toward my pussy.

He’s telling someone, “There it is! Right there! The thing!”

The first time he did it I cracked up with laughter and completely wrecked my third orgasm, which as I’ve already noted is my favorite.

But now I’ve gotten used to it. This is how I think about it now. Pointers are trained to point at birds. So, there must be a bird inside my pussy, but it only comes out after three orgasms.

I know this bird.

It is a velvety soft, lovely, delightful bird. I think every woman knows it. When you are really sexually satisfied, your pussy does seem to take wing. You begin to float over the bed, float over reality itself. You dissolve into the air of satisfaction. You enter a kind of cloud, and then you come out the other side of the cloud when the orgasm ends.

That’s the bird I think Arnie scents.

I can’t talk about this with anyone, so thanks for listening. I tried bringing it up with my boyfriend Joel once. I kind of hinted that Arnie may have seen me pleasuring myself. He was shocked and he said that it was tantamount to bestiality to masturbate in front of an animal.

But it’s not sexual for Arnie. First of all, he’s been neutered so he doesn’t have any sexual desire. For him, it’s eventful, but not sexual. After it’s over, he will come up and join me on the bed and cuddle me for as long as I want him to.

I guess it is intimacy that I have with Arnie. Not sexual intimacy, but closeness. Interspecies closeness. Kind of like what Charlotte the spider had with that pig Wilbur. We are so very different from each other, but at various times during our lives, we do connect on a very deep level.

And if anyone (boyfriend included) doesn’t understand that, well that’s just too bad!

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