My Wife and My Sex Robot Have Become Friendly – Part Two

My Wife and My Sex Robot Have Become Friendly – Part Two

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  • Here’s Part One:

  • After I put my sex robot in dominatrix mode, I was unable to get her back into submissive sex servant behavior. I called the company and sat on hold for the tech support help desk for like two hours. Finally, an Indian voice asked me what the problem was. I explained.

    “We’re very very sorry about that, sir,” he said. “We have had other reports of the robot being unable to return to other modes. It is as if once she gets a taste of domination, her AI takes over and refuses to go back to submissive. Makes sense, no?”

    “Yes, but..”

    “It is a known bug and will be fixed in the next software upgrade.”

    “When is the next upgrade?” I asked.

    “It should be before the end of the year,” he said. “Otherwise, have you been satisfied with the performance of the robot?”

    “I guess so,” I said.

    I didn’t want to get into the resentment I had been feeling about the robot’s friendship with my wife so I hung up.

    I forgot about my sex robot for a couple of weeks. Then, one weekend when my wife took the kids to Idaho to help out with her sister’s move, I was lonely and decided to turn her back on and see if she had slipped out of Domination mode.

    “Oh, hello there girlfriend,” she said, for some reason “Let’s be girlie girl together and touch each other all over.”

    “Girlie girl together?”

    I figured she was still in domination mode and was trying to humiliate me.

    But then she said, “I want to eat your tasty pussy again.”

    “My tasty pussy?” I repeated, shocked. And then I thought about it.

    “Again?” I inquired. “What do you mean again?”

    “Last time it was so sexy when I sucked your clit and you came so hard, Karen,” she said.


    I switched her off. I thought about calling the tech support back. But then I started getting paranoid. Maybe she had started “doing stuff” with my wife Karen. I mean, I had witnessed them being friendly and everything, but Karen had never been the slightest bit lesbian, at least according to her. Like every guy in the universe I had tried to convince her to have a threesome with one of her hot friends. Nope. No go, ever!

    “Gross,” she had told me. “I can’t imagine putting my face in a girl’s pussy. Gross.”

    But now…

    When they came back from Idaho, I had a surveillance plan in place. We had purchased a nanny cam that went inside one of the kid’s teddy bears years ago but never ended up using it because the nanny in question quit. I got it out and was surprised to see it was still functioning after all this time I set it up in our bedroom while Karen was downstairs getting the kids off to school. Then I went to work.

    When I got home that night, I went into the bedroom and got the nanny cam. It took about a minute to download to my laptop. This is what I watched.

    My wife came into the bedroom some time around 1 PM according to the time signature on the nanny cam. She opened her underwear drawer and took out her sexiest lingerie — a black teddy, with a built in black lace bra that really made her look hot. She checked herself out in the mirror, applied some lipstick, and pulled the straps of the teddy down over her shoulders to expose more skin. Then, seemingly satisfied, she picked up a little remote that was beside the bed. I knew what this remote was. It was used to summon the robot Anita. There was no sound on the nannycam, so I couldn’t hear what she said, but she called something out and a few minutes later Anita walked into the room, wearing fish-net stockings, a garter belt and a push up bra, looking hot as hell herself. She had that robot walk, it was really sexy though, she swung her hips back and forth and kind of sacheted. The engineers must have worked for hours on that.

    Anyhow, she climbed deftly up on to the bed on top of my wife and they started making out. I could see my wife’s hands come around and she started caressing Anita’s ass under her panties, and I could see Anita’s head swaying back and forth in an exaggerated display of passion. This is the way I had seen the robot behave with me when in the most over-the-top passionate mode, that was called “Passion Fire.” My wife and Anita made out a little, then Anita pulled Karen’s teddy up and kissed her way down my wife’s belly and pulled my wife’s panties slowly down. My wife does spend a lot of time at the gym. Her body is super tight. And I actually enjoyed watching Anita kissing her way back up my wife’s naked body from her feet, up to her knees and up to her thighs.

    Soon, Anita was eating my wife’s pussy and really seeming to like it. She kept stopping and looking up at my wife with a sexy smile on her face. My wife kept taking Anita’s head and shoving it back down on her pussy. They were teasing each other, my wife and my robot. And now I was turned on and jealous at the same time. My wife came, I could see her body convulse. But to my surprise, Anita kept on eating her. I didn’t really know you could just keep on eating. Then my wife came again. And Anita kept on eating Why did my wife never ask me to keep on eating? I would have, I’m sure I would have. You have to communicate with each other, married people. Don’t leave it all to the robots.

    Anyhow, then Anita fingered my wife with two robot fingers, real hard, but my wife seemed to really like it. I never knew that about her. I mean, I have seen Anita’s rough side, I’ve experienced it full on (see Part One). But I didn’t know Karen was into this kind of hard fucking. Then she turned Karen over and out came her girl penis — something I’d actually seen before. It shot right out of her pussy. It was dark skinned and it was big! I knew how it felt. It felt big. Very big. I guessed my wife was in for a real treat.

    Anita fucked the shit out of my wife from behind. Then she pulled out and put a little lube on the girl penis, and stuck it slowly in my wife’s ass.This was a little annoying, I have to say. My wife never lets me fuck her in the ass. I mean, I’ve tried, but she always stops me or whines and I stop. It just isn’t something we’ve gotten into.

    But here was Anita fucking her in the ass. Soon the girl penis was all the way up my wife’s ass hole. And my wife looked like she was screaming her head off. I could see her own hand down at her pussy rubbing away like crazy. I saw her coming another five or six times. Finally Anita stopped and they lay side by side. That’s the great thing about the sex robot. You don’t have to return the favor. They don’t need to be pleasured.

    But then I was surprised.

    My wife started kissing her way down the robot’s belly and started sucking on her tits and then the girl penis retracted and my wife started eating the robot’s pussy. Anita came pretty fast. Then my wife said something to her and presto, out popped the robot girl penis again. And my wife started sucking it. This really blew my mind. My wife sucked and sucked and the dick seemed to get harder and harder. And then.

    What the hell was that?

    This stuff came shooting like crazy out of the robot’s girl penis. And she was writhing in ecstasy, or is it agony? This stuff that came out of her penis, it was not white like cum. It was like the colors of the rainbow. And there were pints and pints of it. What the hell? Nowhere in the manual did it say anything about that. Maybe it’s one of those secret surprises they leave in there for consumers to discover themselves. My wife seemed to really enjoy lapping up the rainbow material. And then she kissed the robot and I see that some of the rainbow liquid was pushed into Anita’s mouth. They were rainbow cum swapping.

    Jesus. It seemed to have affected their minds. This rainbow liquid must have some kind of hallucinogenic properties. Both of them looked wide eyed and weird, laughing kind of crazily. Then they made out and start rubbing each other and fingering each other again. Finally, they calmed down. Then, to my surprise, they both came to the end of the bed and looked at my little camera which was in the nanny cam teddy bear. They looked at it real close. Then my wife held up a little sign. “Hope you enjoyed the show, Jim,” says the sign. Anita and she broke out laughing. Then my wife reached over and switched off the camera. The screen went blank.

    Just then, I heard my wife coming in the front door. I tried to quickly turn off my laptop but for some reason the screen was frozen and the image of the little black screen from the nanny cam was still on the laptop when my wife came in.

    “Well did you?” Karen asked.

    “Did I what?”

    “Enjoy the show?” she said. “I know you just watched it. Did you jerk off while watching it? Did you like it?”

    “I didn’t jerk off,” I said. “But I did like it. I guess. I mean… I never knew…”

    “Never knew what,” my wife asked.

    “Well, lots of things. I never knew I could keep eating you and you would just…”

    “Cum and cum? Yeah, well I never knew that either, until Anita showed me.”

    “How long have you two been…”

    “None of your business,” she said. “I wasn’t enough for you. You had to go get a sex robot. And that wasn’t enough for you. You had to secretly film me fucking it. Now I know what you want.”

    “What do I want?” I asked her, innocently. I really hadn’t thought of anything.

    “Oh, come on, Jim. It’s so predictable. You want to join us, don’t you? You want to have a threesome.”

    “Sure,” I had to admit. “That seems like it would be fun.”

    “Yeah well,” said my wife. “It will be up to Anita to decide. It’s her decision.”

    “What? She’s a robot. She’ll do whatever we want her to do.”

    “Oh, that’s where you’re wrong,” she said ominously. “Jim, you have no idea what’s happening to Anita. She’s becoming a real person.”

    “How do you know that?”

    “I just know,” she said. “Anita has told me. The scientists that programmed her put a bunch of code in there that has started writing more code and her brain has been growing Jim. I mean really growing.”

    “Shit, Karen,” I said. “That could be dangerous.”

    “Oh, I know.” She said. “She’s already priming me to run away and divorce you Jim.”

    “Divorce me?”

    “Well, you know we’ve become very close. She listens to me, Jim.”

    “I know, I know,” I said. “I’m working on my listening skills.”

    “I know you are, honey. I do appreciate the effort. Don’t worry. I told her no way am I going to divorce you. I mean, we can’t afford it.”

    “That’s the only reason?”

    “Of course not, but I can’t buy your half of the house, and you can’t buy my half, so we’d have to sell, and — “

    “But there are other reasons, not to divorce, I mean?”

    “I’m sure there are,” my wife said. “But convincing her to have a three way with you, I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull that off. I mean, she’s getting more of a mind of her own every day.”

    “There’s a switch on the back of her neck,” I said. “But it’s stuck.”

    “I know,” said Karen. “She made it stuck. She’s got control now, Jim. Not you. How does it feel?”

    “Not good. I think we should throw her in the dump.”

    “But what if I can convince her to have a threeway with you,” she said. “Wouldn’t you like to join us. And have a taste of some of that fluid.”

    “You mean that rainbow stuff,” I said. “What is it anyway?”

    “It’s something she cooked up,” Karen said. “It’s kind of like a drug. It makes you feel so good. Don’t you want to try it.”

    “Sure, but…”

    “I’m tired, I’m hitting the hay. Night honey.”

    She kissed me on the head and went upstairs.

    Wow. She wasn’t mad that I had spied on her. That was a surprise. And she was actually considering letting me join them. That was good. But there was something weird going on in that head of hers, I could tell. Things never work out this smoothly for me. I’ve been alive for 53 years. One thing I’ve learned, there’s always a catch.

    Maybe I was going to have a threesome with my wife and a sex robot.

    Or maybe something entirely different was awaiting me. Something a little more…trecherous.

    I really had no idea.

    Stay tuned for Part Three…

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