They Raped Each Other

They Raped Each Other

Now They’re Both in Jail

by Christine Stevens


Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

He had sex with her, and she had sex with him. It wasn’t bad.

But afterwards, they both felt weird about it. She went to the police and told them she had sex and felt weird about it afterwards.

The police went to him and asked him about it. He said, yeah, he felt weird about it too.

They took them both downtown.

“Did you each give your consent to the other before you had sex?” they asked.

The two looked at each other. They were both equally shocked to realize that neither of them had verbally or explicitly consented to anything.

“No,” they admitted. “I’m afraid we didn’t.”

The trial was quick and the jury came back with a verdict. They were both found guilty.

The judge pronounced the sentence, adding, “I hope that will be a lesson to other young people. Don’t have sex because sex is awful and makes you feel weird afterward. The sixties ended long ago people. There’s no more free love. That was a lie perpetrated by stupid hippies. Love has a cost. A very high cost. And this is a full-fledged sex panic.”

They’re serving twenty years. Their lives are basically ruined.

And you know what’s the worst thing about it?

They both still feel weird about it.

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