Be in Your Soul

Be in Your Soul

I gave mindfulness a try, I prefer soulfulness

by Christine Stevens


Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Here in Los Angeles it seems that everyone I run into has been talking about being more mindful — either as a practitioner, student or even teacher. But without a spiritual component, the idea of “being mindful” seems to rub me the wrong way. Sure, it’s great to be able to focus our minds, but to what end? Certain of my friends have begun to sound like fascists commanding me to stop using my imagination so that I might be more present to the present moment.

The present what?

I don’t know — maybe I’m just trying to justify my own failure. I admit it, I did fail at being mindful. Here’s where I’ve landed.

Mindfulness must serve a greater master, which is soulfulness. I mean, which do you like better — me being mindful or me being soulful?

During Mediation:

Me Being Mindful: Concentrate as hard as you can on the present moment and don’t think about the laundry that you need to do after meditation class, no matter what. I said, don’t think about laundry!

Me Being Soulful: Think about how much fun it would be to be a pair of pants in a washing machine going around and around. I mean, to clothes laundry is basically a water park.

While Doing Chores Around the House:

Mindful: While sweeping the floor don’t just try to get it over with. Be aware of each bristle of the broom as it flicks dust into the pan

Soulful: What broom? That’s a mic and I’m lip syncing to “I Will Survive.”

During Yoga Class:

Mindful: Don’t just hurry through Sun Salutations; feel the deep pain at each position.

Soulful: Don’t hurry through the Sun Salutations; check out that hot guy in row two. Unfortunately, he’s wearing guy leggings — major turn-off. Plus, talking to members of the opposite sex in yoga class is gross. Oh God, I need a Bloody Mary. When’s brunch!

During Sex:

Mindful: Look each other in the eye. Be aware of the person before you. Feel the touch, the scent, the sounds of the act of love.

Soulful: Yeah! That’s right. Uh huh! Ok! Yeah! Oh…oh…Ahhhhhh!

After Sex:

Mindful: Om…

Soulful: Um… you should go.

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